We believe that women can change the world for the better
Wrap, Twist, Style

Our Commitment in 2021

We are committed to playing our part to power optimism and positive change. We’ll do this by taking risks, having uncomfortable conversations, making mistakes and learning from them.

We will continue to champion Women’s rights and call out misogynic structures and behaviours as we see them. 

We believe in strong and confident women, free of judgment and free to pursue their true calling. 

We will do our bit to care for the planet by using vintage, recycled fabrics and less plastics whenever we can. 

Whilst last year’s upheaval and uncertainty has left us bruised and withdrawn, at Celine Martine we believe in the learning and growth that springs from challenging times.

And we’ll do this, step by step, with deep breaths, nurturing and being nurtured by all the wonderful women that make Celine Martine possible. 

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