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The diary of a headwear goddess – Or how to make it through the day.

The diary of a headwear goddess – Or how to make it through the day.


Don’t we all wake up with a clear sense of purpose and feeling connected with our strength of character, ready for the day and night ahead, knowing that our inner goddess will lead the way? Mmm aaa, not really (we wish, but this is life) so here’s how we at Céline Martine  headwear embrace quick and easy hairstyles  and our mum style!

Goddess of the morning

Morning exercise (usually a run) has got us in a good mood. Let's get ready for the next challenge. Removing Weetbix and toast crumbs from little peoples faces, flats on, comfort always! One last look at yourself and step outside the house for the weekday school run (insert little approval wink in the mirror).

 Why the wink? Because you’re content, feeling empowered, and know that you’ve got what it takes. You’ve made it through the door and your Celine Martine headband (perfect for simple hairstyles for long hair) - with African wax print, adds that *pop of colour*, as well as a-la-natural face lift that all mums need.

School drop off done - ENTER coffee, black with no sugar! A small date with what you thought was yourself, until your barrister Juliette interrupts your train of thought with an ever so small compliment about your Celine Martine. This is your moment to sing the tune of your little simple life #hairhack #simpleupdos – because: you’ve got this!

Confident goddess

We’re empowering women. Back at the home studio, we’re ready to tackle the day. We spend our precious morning hours on the activities that need brain power. Emails, orders, design briefs, production reports, oh and postal run, and more coffee!

Amidst it all, we pause. How lucky are we to love what we do. All the hard work and perseverance is paying off, all that will power and belief that was so hard to contain during our younger years has now the space and a platform to prosper in. We know that we are beyond lucky to be so enthusiastic for life and work and find solutions for easy hairstyles for mums!

We serve as a role model to our children and our peers and to those younger women still trying to figure out who they are. You never want to look “overdone”, there’s elegance in your natural beauty. Work to that.

Our Mathilde Side Knot (in dark fuchsia) is the perfect headband to accompany us on our work days journey. Functional and no fuss.

Goddess of the afternoon 

We’ve done with lunch, no snacking, just lunch. Little French, more bread, more butter. We’ll deal with consequences later. Time to take our outfit up a notch. 

Now we’re rocking our version of a turban. A small hack styled as if you’re wearing a scarf or turban in your hair without the fuss of tying a knot and zero slipping from the back of your head. The easiest hair accessory around!

Innovate and move on. Life is too short to do things the same as they’ve always been done. We love women with creativity and brains (plus a lot of love). 

Kids are back. Back to mum reality, but it’s truly what you make of it, so we make the most of every second.



Fashion goddess night out.

Our work day is now over and we transition from day to night.Gone are the days when we had hours to get ready for dinner and drinks with the gals.  The epitome of luxury sums up the look we’ve stepped out in to head to our favourite restaurant (or at least we think it does). Luxury with minimal effort, a quick and easy hairstylesfor medium hair! The Josephine wired head wrap “Black Silver Flakes” is your night time *go to*. No knot tying, no styling your hair, it’s a simple slip over the top of your head. Such an easy hairstyle!


A swipe of red lipstick is a beloved power move, but shouldn’t look too perfect. Rosy cheeks and dewy skin are en vogue, but again, must look natural.

What the night brings, we will see. But for now, we’re feeling as content as goddess ever could. 



Born in Paris. Crafted in Melbourne. Céline Martine founder, Marion Lecesne's passion for fabrics, colours, and patterns comes from her "grandmères” Céline and Martine. Both mothers of four children, Céline was a seamstress and Martine is a retired artist, who sewed many outfits for her children and grandchildren.


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