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Wrap, Twist, Style

Head Wrap Hack with Curtain Ring

Looking for new inspiration to elevate your head wrap game?

We've got a fabulous trick for you! Use a chic curtain ring or a dazzling brooch to transform your look in seconds!⁠ Here's how:

⁠⁠1. Grab your favourite Céline Martine head wrap

2. Slide both head wrap wings into the curtain ring, making sure to keep the left side on the left and the right side on the right.⁠

3. Gently pull the wings of your head wrap back, framing your gorgeous face.⁠

4. Twist the tips together at the back to secure the turban. Et voilà! 🌟 You've just created a fresh and fabulous Celine Martine style that's perfect for any occasion. ⁠