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Rosette Knot - How to style a Celine Martine - Wired Josephine Head Wrap to a rosette knot

How to Wear a Wire Headwrap Tutorial from Marion Lecesne on Vimeo.

If you, like us, find tying a headwrap a tricky feat, you are in the right place. All Celine Martine wired headwraps share a similar philosophy: the pieces look like scarfs or head wraps without actually having to tie a knot, allowing all of us who are inept in the art of tying a scarf in our hair, to feel comfortable and secure, whilst rockin’ the style. The headwear provides women a simple life #hairhack so that no day is a bad hair day.

Watch the video tutorial and learn how to tie a headwrap in less than a minute.

  1. Unfold the head wrap


    This is what the Josephine headwrap looks like once you open the package. It has a wire in its “wings” and a black band in the middle.

  2. Place the black band over your head

    Place the black band over your head and make sure that the scrunchy part is in the middle.

  3. Pull the fabric to hide the black band


    And then you pull the fabric all the way back. That’s what is going to hide the black band.

  4. Bring the head wrap wings forward


    Next, taking the two wings you bring them forward to make a “V” with the fabric.

  5. Twist the headwrap wings on your forehead


    Twist it once, twist it twice. The wire will keep the fabric in place. You then continue to style the knot.

  6. Finish the knot


    Squeeze the knot tight, tuck the fabric towards the back. Make sure all of the black band is hidden.

  7. That’s it!


    And that’s the centered knot done! You can also pull it to the side, off-center, which is my favourite and then I like to style it with some earrings. And that’s it, that’s the Josephine wire headwrap from Celine Martine.