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Mathilde Side Knot Headband - Slim
Mathilde Side Knot Headband - Slim

Mathilde Side Knot Headband - Slim

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$ 59.00 AUD

Need a little something to get you through Winter with a spring in your step? Our Mathilde Side Knot Headband - Slim will bring a smile to your face everyday.

The soft textured boucle edition is a classic and cozy Winter accessory that will last you for years.

The Mathilde Side Knot Headband Slim is the perfect little side knot headband you could ever imagine. Ideal for those with small heads or short hair.

Headband Features

  • Feature fabric is a soft textured boucle 
  • Lining is a classic denim
  • Super comfortable metallic headband (not plastic!!) concealed within lining;
  • It can be stretched to suit most sizes and does not hug the scalp nor create soreness;
  • Comfort guaranteed.

    Product Improvement Alert: We now place a thin wire in the bow so you can style it as you wish.


    Our Product Names:

    At Céline Martine we name our creations after women that influence us to the core, women who’s names might not be noted in history books, but who walked before us, along side us, and will stride after we leave Mother Earth. Céline and Martine are the names of our founder’s grandmothers who instilled the love of fabrics and sewing to Marion.


    The name Mathilde means “Strength in battle”, and Marion and Christopher chose this name for their first born. Given motherhood changes every women, and is one of the reasons why Marion founded Céline Martine.