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Braided Emmeline Headpiece - Fuchsia Pink

Braided Emmeline Headpiece - Fuchsia Pink

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$ 239.00 AUD
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$ 239.00 AUD

On Pre-order only.  Seven working days turnaround time. If you need one urgently, contact us first.

Otherworldy headpiece, fit for a queen of the night, empress of thy realm.

Named after the leader of the Women's Suffrage Movement in England, Emmeline Pankhurst showed strength of character, determination and will. Wear this headpiece and summon your strength.

Made with a soft luxurious velvet,  and padded for extra volume, this oversized braided headband is heavenly light and sits gently on your head. The integrated millinery wire allows you to wrap the headpiece around your head, suitable for all head types. As with all Céline Martine headwear, we guarantee comfort.

Product details

  • Measures approximately 42cm/16in in length, 10cm/1.5cm in height, and 8cm/3in in width.
  • One size fits most.
  • Handmade in Melbourne by Céline Martine