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Simone Top Knot Headband - Pink Leather
Simone Top Knot Headband - Pink Leather

Simone Top Knot Headband - Pink Leather

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$ 119.00 AUD

Our Simone Headband is one of our most versatile pieces as it allows you to shift the knot from being off-centre to centred. You could even tighten the knot to reduce it's size.

This limited edition features a strengthened animal print cotton inner that you can either show or hide.

  • Feature fabric is locally sourced hot pink leather.
  • The actual headband is metal (not plastic!!)  concealed within lining.
  • It can be stretched to suit most sizes and does not hug the scalp nor create soreness.
  • Comfort guaranteed.
  • The knot can be placed off-centre or centred.

Product details:

  • Measures approx. 4cm/2.5in in height and 8cm/3in in width. This is one of our medium-sized headbands.
  • One size fits most.
  • Handmade by Marion Lecesne in Victoria, Australia for Céline Martine
  • Presented in our signature calico bag.

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Our Names

At Céline Martine we name our creations after women that influenced us to the core, women who’s names might not be noted in history books, but who walked before us, along side us, and will stride after we leave Mother Earth.

Céline and Martine are the names of our founder’s grandmothers who instilled the love of fabrics and sewing to Marion. 

Simone is inspired by Simone de Beauvoir which I read when I was younger and must read again.