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Mathilde Side Knot Headband - Regular - Vintage Parisienne

Mathilde Side Knot Headband - Regular - Vintage Parisienne

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The Mathilde headband is styled as if you have a scarf in your hair without the trouble of tying a knot and without the scarf slipping from the back of your head.

  • Feature fabric is mid weight cotton - floral print called Vintage Parisienne by Indonesian artist Ayang Cempaka.
  • Lining is a strengthened pink duck cotton
  • Super comfortable metallic headband (not plastic!!) concealed within lining;
  • It can be stretched to suit most sizes and does not hug the scalp nor create soreness;
  • Comfort guaranteed.

The knot is off-centred and can not be moved.

You can choose to have the bow ends pinned down or not.

Product details

  • Measures approx. 2cm/0.75in in height and 8cm/3in in width. This is one of our medium headbands and suits ladies with lots of hair.
  • One size fits most;
  • Handmade by Marion Lecesne in Victoria, Australia from Céline Martine and presented in a printed calico bag.