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Celine Martine -  3 Layer Face Mask - Olive Grey Canvas
Celine Martine -  3 Layer Face Mask - Olive Grey Canvas
Celine Martine -  3 Layer Face Mask - Olive Grey Canvas

Celine Martine - 3 Layer Face Mask - Olive Grey Canvas

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In regards to COVID-19, Celine Martine would like to reiterate to everyone that your safest option is to stay home as much as possible and self-isolate.

Our masks are NOT medical grade masks. They are however made following and even improving the Victorian Department of Health's advice. Please see below the details


  • The outer fabric is a medium olive grey canvas, an off-cut from Chalk'n Cheese
  • The middle layer is organic bamboo cotton wadding;
  • The inner fabric is a cotton blend in a blue grey;
  • Each face mask has a nose clamp to reduce glasses from 
  • You can choose whether you choose the elastic behind the ears or head (we recommend head);
  • ALL of our masks are handmade, hand cut and hand ironed, which means masks will vary in size slightly;
  • Please note that print placement may vary.


PLEASE NOTE - it is very important to understand that we are not claiming that these masks will stop you from getting COVID-19 (coronavirus) or getting sick in general. Celine Martine is not responsible for anyone that gets sick who  wears or has worn one of our masks. Our masks are not in any means classified as 'Personal Protective Equipment' (PPE). They are simply to reduce your chance of infection, as the CDC has now said wearing homemade masks can be suitable for those that are in public and do NOT have the virus. If you have the virus these are NOT enough protection and the advice is to self isolate immediately. 

Masks need to be applied with clean hands washed in HOT soapy water. After removing mask, please wash immediately in hot soapy water (hang to dry or tumble dry). Masks need to be washed every time they are taken off or the very least DAILY. Please do not touch the mask while out in public. It is very important that you take extra precautionary measures on handling the mask before putting it on and after. Please watch the following video:

Please read the information in the below link on masks and their benefits:

Celine Martine is wanting to donate  many of these masks to our incredible emergency personnel and essential workers, as a HUGE thank you to all of their wonderful work for our country in this crisis.