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Amantine Scarf Headband -  Vintage Parisienne
Amantine Scarf Headband -  Vintage Parisienne
Amantine Scarf Headband -  Vintage Parisienne

Amantine Scarf Headband - Vintage Parisienne

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$ 99.00 AUD

Our Amantine Scarf Headbands are usually made from a pre-loved scarves.  Not this one. We've used our favourite fabrics to recreate the look. It's a statement piece for any occasion and suits everyone. We don't say this lightly... whether you have long hair, short hair, no hair, curly hair or pixie cut, it's a delightful on everyone!

And like most Céline Martine creations, you don't have to tie one single knot and the bow never unfolds.

Headband Features:

  • Feature print Vintage Parisienne is by global sensation and talented illustrator Ayang Cempaka.
  • 100% Cotton. This is a light-weight fabric with a silky, smooth texture and subtle sheen that has an excellent drape. Its lustre provides a more luxe impression. 
  • Fabric is sourced from mills with BCI certification and is printed using reactive non-toxic dyes.
  • The knot cannot be move.
  • The actual headband is metal (not plastic!!)  concealed within lining.
  • It can be stretched to suit most sizes and does not hug the scalp nor create soreness.
  • Comfort guaranteed.
  • Handmade by Marion in Victoria, Australia for Céline Martine
  • Presented in our signature calico bag.

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Our Names

At Céline Martine we name our creations after women that influenced us to the core, women who’s names might not be noted in history books, but who walked before us, along side us, and will stride after we leave Mother Earth.

Céline and Martine are the names of our founder’s grandmothers who instilled the love of fabrics and sewing to Marion.

Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, best known by her pen name George Sand, was a French novelist, memoirist, and socialist in the midst 19th century. She pushed back on convention by wearing male attire in public 1800’s, justifying it as being less expensive and far sturdier than the typical dress of a noblewoman at the time. It also allowed her to circulate in venues that noblewoman otherwise had no access to.

Victor Hugo was to have said at her urology: George Sand was an idea. She has a unique place in our age.Others are great men ... she was a great woman.