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Josephine Wire Head Wrap - Extra Length - Ginger Velvet
Josephine Wire Head Wrap - Extra Length - Ginger Velvet

Josephine Wire Head Wrap - Extra Length - Ginger Velvet

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Celine Martine Josephine Headwrap from Céline Martine on Vimeo.

The Josephine head wrap is a continuation of the Céline Martine hair styles made easy. It's styled as if you have a scarf in your hair without the trouble of tying a knot and without you having to worry whether it will stay in place. Perfect for a night out or a day at the beach.

Feature fabric is a needle out Velvet in ginger. Has lots of stretch.

The band is animal print stretch.

The thoughtful construction has an inner wire cleverly concealed within the fabric, allowing the wearer to style it how they wish. 

The knot is can be styled into different styles.

Product details

  • Construction measures  approx 140cm in length and 25cm in width with a head opening;
  • This is our extra long wraps with point ends;
  • One size fits most.
  • Made by Debra Goodall in Melbourne for Celine Martine

Our Product Names:

At Celine Martine we name our creations after women that influenced us to the core, women who’s names might not be noted in history books, but who walked before us, along side us, and will stride after we leave Mother Earth. Celine and Martine are the names of our founder’s grandmothers who instilled the love of fabrics and sewing to Marion.

Our Josephine Head Wrap is named after Josephine Bonapart, Napoleon’s first wife. They say she had the elegance of a Creole together with infinite grace and charm, and an evenness of temper that never failed.